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Sometimes I miss home so much…I just make food from home. hahaha. Something is wrong me all I ever think about is food, reading, and watching. food food food. I have my Kalbi Short Ribs Marinating in the fridge for tomorrow or the next day…I haven’t decided.  Going to do something productive now.

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I really miss home, looking at all the pictures! Sometimes I wish my husband wasn’t such a lameass! I wanted to do so many tourist things with him, he always promised we would do it and never did. Luckily, I did some on my own. I feel like I missed out everything Oahu had to offer, because someone was to lazy. blah blah blah, I’m going on vacation with or without him in the near future, and doing everything I wanted to do! Hopefully my brother will still be there, him and I can go and do them.

#personal #missing home #oahu #hawaii

One week I’m going to the Big Island!! I can’t wait to see my family and friends. I need this more than anything right now. Pretty excited. Leaving my husband behind. YAY! haha

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